ADM Services

Individual/Corporate Due Diligence
Multi-point investigations completed by our firm will assist you in obtaining all the information necessary to evaluate personal and/or corporate investments.

Asset Profiles
Asset checks are performed on individuals or corporations with quick turnaround time. The information obtained can greatly affect claim exposure and future case handling.

Credit History
Checks of all major credit bureaus are conducted in a timely manner to provide you with an current, accurate credit history of the subject.

Pre-Employment Backgrounds
Background investigations are conducted of potential employees to provide you with concrete information for your human resources department.

Database Research
With an extensive array of databases at our disposal, we can locate persons, witnesses or family members; determine litigation history; obtain vehicle information; and provide you with employment history, cell phone information or claim history for a particular subject.

We provide discreet, professional investigations into any aspect of matrimonial cases. These include: financial investigations, searches for sources of unreported income, surveillance, etc.


Seasoned professionals with a proven track record provide high-quality surveillance services to your specifications. Members of our staff have testified in numerous jurisdictions at the municipal, superior and appellate court levels. Please contact us to discuss our available services and your time frame requirements.

Computer Forensics
This highly specialized service involves methods of obtaining potential evidence from electronic data. Our staff has the ability to decode encrypted files, reconstruct damaged files, recover deleted information, determine email history and identify internet sites that were visited and dates they were visited. This information can assist you in locating sensitive information, documents or financial data in computer storage that is necessary for you to fully evaluate your matter. Preservation of evidence is guaranteeed with strict adherence to chain of evidence procedures. Please contat us for a consultation to help determine your search parameters.

Accident reconstruction
We offer digital accident reconstruction services, with access to quality personnel who will reconstruct an accident to determine specific facts. This information can have a dramatic effect on liability evaluations and exposures.

Investigations into corporate loss of products (warehouseses, manufacturing plants, etc) can greatly impact profit/loss ratios.

Covert Equipment/Security Systems

Our security experts can provide a comprehensive evaluation of existing systems or make recommendations concerning equipment or systems that will enhance the security of the premises.

Aerial Photographs
Please contact us to discuss this specialized service providing expansive photos of accident scenes, specific locations, industrial sites, etc.