ADM Insurance Services

Seasoned professionals with a proven track record provide high-quality surveillance services to your specifications. Members of our staff have testified in numerous jurisdictions at the municipal, superior and appellate court levels. Please contact us to discuss our available services and your time frame requirements.

Statistical Analysis
ADM staff members will analyze claim data and present you with a "snapshot" regarding claim trends, cost per case, loss ratios, or any issue in need of review so you can determine the appropriate course of action to achieve your desired results.

Claims History
Extensive database searches are performed to provide you with an accurate claim history regarding the subject of investigation.

Civil/Criminal Research

Searches of civil and criminal dockets are conducted to identify prior or pending cases involving the subject of investigation.

Locate Persons/Entities
We have access to various databases to locate the person/entity sought. Whether you are searching for an insured, a witness, or a long-lost relative, we are ready to aggressively assist you in your search.

We conduct a unique combination of database searches to provide the most up-to-date background profile on the subject.

Claims Evaluation
ADM staff members have in excess of ten years' insurance experience and provide a variety of claims evaluation services. These include liability evaluations of multi-line claims; bodily injury evaluations; evaluations of homeowners and commerical property losses; preparation of arbitration statements and evaluatation of large losses for possible structured settlements.

Loss Control Analysis

Our specially trained staff members will conduct a comprehensive review of account information and claim history, followed by specific loss control recommendations. These recommendations are based on extensive experience regarding underwriting practices and claim-related issues.

General Adjusting

ADM provides general adjusting services for overload cases, unique claims requiring intense investigation, or entire client accounts. Please contact us to discuss how we may assist you.

Insurance Fraud (SIU)
Special investigation services are provided by staff members with insurance adjusting and law enforcement training. Our investigators have attended various seminars sponsored by fraud investigation institutes in our continuing commitment to obtain up-to-the date information on fraud detection and prevention. In-depth fraud investigations are performed on individual cases, corporate issues, suspected fraud rings, or any aspect of a case that requires special investigation techniques.