ADM Legal Services

Service of Process
We provide fast, reliable service of subpoenas, complaints, court orders or other documents in the tri-state area at reasonable rates.
Do you need to know if service has been effected on an individual or corporate entity?
We can perform service of process searches in multiple jurisdictions to quickly provide you with this information.

Docket Searches
Does this scenario sound familiar? Your support staff is assisting you with a special project or a time-sensitive motion, but you need information on the status of a particular court case. Someone is then pulled from the project at hand only to spend long periods of time on the phone trying to get the required information.
ADM can assist by performing searches of court dockets to determine the status of pleadings, parties named, dates of filing, case dispositions and disposition dates, thus freeing your support staff to assist with more pressing issues.

Site Inspections/Document Reviews

Our experienced staff can perform detailed site inspections. We work closely with the legal professional to ensure that the scope of the assignment is no less or no greater than warranted. Our staff will secure photographs, perform document reviews, compile company history records, or obtain other information you may require regarding a loss site, product manufacturer or other entity.

Specialized Research
With diverse areas of expertise, members of our staff can provide you with thorough research on a wide variety of topics (e.g. medical issues, municipal ordinances, claim trends, valuations, recent verdicts for similar cases, etc.). Contact us for more information.

Coordination of Experts
Do you need a specific expert but aren’t sure where to find the right individual? Call us to discuss your needs and we will find the most appropriate expert for your matter. We also assist by making all arrangements for any necessary examinations, inspections, record reviews, or specialized analyses. We look forward to providing the support you need to get the best possible results.